The first tour of the ensemble Musikeli in the Baltic countries

#Folk Songs -- 2023/03/09

The ensemble from Senaki municipality traveled for the first time outside the country - to Latvia and Lithuania. They held a number of concerts and meetings in several cities of the Baltic countries. The ensemble Musikeli visited the morning broadcast of the first channel of the Latvian Public Broadcaster and performed two folk songs on the live broadcast.

Dimitri Kakulia - head of the ensemble Musikeli: “it was the first tour for our ensemble, which gave us great motivation to enrich the repertoire. Our choir mainly performs Georgian songs, and for this tour we specially learned some new songs from different parts of Georgia.”

The meeting with Georgian emigrants living in Latvia, which was organized by the head of the Georgian diaspora organization - Homeland, Mr. Imedi Kokaia, was especially emotional.

The ensemble Musikeli which was founded  at the Student-Youth and Culture Centre of Senaki Municipality expresses gratitude to the City Hall of Senaki Municipality and the local centre  for their cooperation and support.

Author :

Givi Abesadze -

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