June 30 – Let`s sing together – Concert of the ensemble “Nanina” together with “Amaghleba” and “Nenana”

#Folk Songs -- 2024/06/29

Creative group of ethnomusicologists “Nanina” will hold the next concert  in Guria, on June 29-30 within the framework of the project called “Let`s sing together”.

June 29, at 19:00, Ozurgeti Municipality Cultural Square  Amphitheatre -Joint concert of the ensemble “Nanina” and Ozurgeti ensembles “Shemokmedi” and “Rekheuli”.

June 30, at 15:00-Chokhatauri Art Palace Hall -Joint concert of the Ensembles “Nanina”, “Amaghleba” and “Nenana”

The project is carried out within the framework of the contest of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia - "Georgian pop music and folklore in the regions - promotion with tour expenses".

Author :

Teona Benashvili - Master of Church Musicology, Giorgi Mtatsmindeli University of chant

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