A trip to Portugal full of discoveries and impressions

#Folk Songs -- 2023/04/28

Folklorists, ethnomusicologists and ethnochoreographers from six countries visited Portugal within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project.

The project "Network of UNESCO Cultural Spaces" was hosted by Portugal on May 19-25.

Within the framework of the arrangement , together with the representatives of Latvia, North Macedonia, Italy, Croatia and Estonia, the participants arrived in Portugal, in the municipality of Idanha  and got introduced  with the song and instrumental music recognized by UNESCO as a monument of intangible cultural heritage.

Givi Abesadze, manager of the Anzor Erkomaishvili  Folklore State  Centre concert hall:" The trip to Portugal was filled with discoveries and impressions. Within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project, I had the opportunity to get to know the culture and traditions of these people. We visited the municipality of Idanha, where we were introduced with the sights of the municipality during  4 days. Population and territory of Idanha is similar to Ambrolauri municipality in Georgia, its settlement was also established a few years ago. Local schools were in danger of being closed and the place-of being abandoned,  but with the support of our host organization and the local government to promote cultural heritage and traditional arts, Idanha was given a new lease of life. This is confirmed by the development of the local drum instrument Adufe which was given the status of monument in its literal sense of the word. Their song is mostly monophonic, but it's surprisingly heartfelt.”

The goal of the project is mutual sharing of experience in the field of folklore. The sixth meeting of working groups of project partner countries was held in Idanha.

The partner of the project in Georgia is the International Center for the Arts


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