June 20 – Tush-Kakhetian ethnographic adventure in Metekhi district

#Folk Songs -- 2024/06/19

Within the framework of the annual summarizing  joint cooperation between the Georgian National Foundation and  Tushetian Brand an event called “Tush-Kakhetian Adventure in Metekhi District” will be held on June 20, 18:00, (Tbilisi, Solomon Brdzeni Str. 33).

Arrangements planned during the event:

. Photo exhibition reflecting ethnographic lifestyle of Tushetian people (Social life, history, culture , economics)

. showing documentary film -“Omalo”-authors: Vakhtang Mikeladze, Gia Tchubabria. Film is provided by the Agency of Protected Areas of Tusheti.

.national craft, gastronomy (exhibition-selling)

.Tushetian and Kakhetian music will be represented by the “House of Folklore”

Author :

Teona Benashvili - Master of Church Musicology, Giorgi Mtatsmindeli University of chant

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