Presented in Anthology Volume 23 are the chants for Great Thursday shown in the manuscripts of Philimon Koridze, Ekvtime Kereselidze, and Razhden Khundadze, and in Koridze's publications _ all the hymns for the liturgical services of this day in order to perform the services entirely through chanting. These manuscripts are kept at the Korneli Kekelidze National Center of Manuscripts and the Anzor Erkomaishvili Folklore State Center. There are hymns in the complex, gamshvenebuli (ornamented), as well as in the simple styles. The absolute majority of these hymns is being published for the first time. There also are some works arranged by anthology editors to their original corresponding source melodies in accordance with the chant tradition in Volume 23 (for example, heirmois troparia, Psalm verses, etc.). The complete chant cycle for Great Thursday is being published for the first time in the history of Georgian music. It is thought the current collection will be useful and of interest to all those knowledgable in and in love with Georgian chant.